It Wasn’t a “Natural” Disaster, but This Common Household Fixture Caused More Damage to Their Home Than a 100-Year Flood


The most common type of water damage to homes isn’t caused by hurricanes or floods. It’s caused by the dishwasher, hot water heater and other appliances or plumbing. Read real stories of epic water damage — and what homeowners, their plumbers and restoration experts say about reducing the risk of water leaks.

David Dayton and his wife, Cindy, were looking forward to a long weekend away. Cindy had just retired from teaching kindergarten, and they were headed to an annual get-together at Lake Tahoe with old college friends. They locked the door of their home of 25 years in Northern California and drove away, leaving a set of keys with the cat sitter.

Four days later, the cat sitter called.

“I have bad news,” she said, and described a scene that may be every homeowner’s nightmare. That sunny morning, she found the door to the ground-floor garage open. Inside, it was raining. Upstairs, a ruptured hose to a toilet was shooting water high into the air.

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