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Renovation Regrets? This Is How, Why and Where Renovations Can Go Wrong.

Ruggy Joesten was smitten the moment he saw photos of a white penny-mosaic tile shower with contrasting black grout. The mesmerizing uniformity of the penny-sized tiles, all set in a perfect pattern, popped against the sleek black lines of grout. Joesten had recently purchased a New York City apartment and was highly motivated to replace the bathroom tile the previous owner had chosen.

What Happens if a Friend Wrecks My Vehicle?

Here’s what you should know about auto insurance before lending your car to a friend: Most auto policies provide coverage when you loan a car to an individual. The coverage is the same as it is when you’re driving the car. You reduce your risk when borrowers are also covered by their own auto insurance. Most insurers will require that members of your household and people who use your car regularly be added to your policy.

They Had Minutes to Pack and Flee Before the Flood

When the voluntary evacuation order was issued before Hurricane Harvey, Liana George and her husband discussed their options before deciding to ride out the storm in their home 20 miles southwest of Houston.

What Exactly Is an Auto Insurance Deductible?

Here are some quick facts about auto insurance deductibles: A deductible is the amount of a covered loss that you pay out of pocket. Two types of auto coverage carry deductibles: collision and comprehensive. The most common deductible is $500, but the amount can vary. You choose the deductible amount that works best for you.

Homeowner’s Guide to Fall Home Maintenance

Todd Vandermeulen loved the pine tree shading his family’s split-level house in Seattle, even though it tended to drop small limbs as fall winds picked up. Then winter closed in. “We were hunkered inside to watch the beautiful snow, and we hear this thud,” Vandermeulen says. A 100-pound branch hit the roof and damaged a gutter before crashing to the ground.

If a Squirrel Damages My Car, Will My Insurance Provide Coverage?

Q:We have some beautiful old trees in our neighborhood — and lots of critters that call them home. The bird droppings wash off, but my neighbor just found dents in the hood of her new car. She swears she saw a squirrel chucking pine cones at it. I don’t know if the squirrels in my yard have that kind of aim, but am I covered if they do? We posed this question to Jeremy Jivan, a Farmers® agent in Barberton, Ohio, who is knowledgeable about auto insurance (and has seen a pesky animal or two).